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Sad News

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Sorry about the messed up post! It's now edited and corrected.

How many of you know or remember the local band "No Means Yes" or their lead singer and bass guitarist Mr. Mike. The band moved to Seattle a few years ago because of the favorable climate for grunge rock, and they've been quite successful out there. They recently changed their name to The Very Fine Lines.

On Halloween night they were playing a private gig and during a break a fight broke out. Mr. Mike got stabbed. Yeah. He's ok, except a tendon in his wrist was severed and the doctors say he won't be able to play guitar for at least a year. I spoke to his father this morning, and the family is understandably quite upset, although they are very grateful it wasn't worse.

Mr. Mike's mom is a mail carrier in Newport and she's also my sister, making Mr. Mike my nephew. They tried to persuade him to come home to Newport, but he says he needs to stay out there and deal with this.

Mr. Mike is an awesomely rad dude, and would never hurt anyone. Why do bad things happen to good people?
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