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newportri's Journal

Aaaaarrrrr! Newporrrt!
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newportri: serving local drunken pirates since 1639.

1. newport- & rhode island-related posts are key here, so anything that's completely irrelevant is doomed to be deleted. it doesn't need to be only about newport or RI, sometimes MA or other areas of new england are acceptable too. if you have a question about anything just send an email to the address above.
2. if your post is unusually long or if there are images: cut tags [no more than one image should be displayed at a time: the rest should be behind a cut]!!
3. members must treat eachother with respect & courtesy at all times. whether *you* like someone else or what they have to say is beside the point.
any entries that are potentially offensive or break rules are up to me [the_brown_bunny] to take action against, & not any one else. if you have a problem with another member contact me.

breaking any of these rules results in initial warnings but repeated violations will unfortuntately end in a member being banned from the community.

some links
empirenewport Empire Tea and Coffee

if you like art, architecture, history, or just tourist-y things:
preservation society of newport county

5th ward, aiden's, america's cup, america's cup avenue, aquidneck island, army brats, art, asterix and obelix, autocrat, awful awfuls, bannister's wharf, belcourt castle, bellevue avenue, billy goode's, block island, bowen's wharf, breton point, brick market place, cafe 200, city by the sea, clam chowda, clamcakes, cliff walk, coffee milk, del's lemonade, doris duke, easton's beach, foghorns, fort adams, fort wetherill, french fries and vinegar, gallery night, goat island, golf, hammersmith farm, hauntings, history, indian ave, jackie o, jamestown, jane pickens theater, java bob's, klaus von bulow, lighthouses, local bands, local scene, miantonomi hill, middletown, museums, new england, newport, newport blues cafe, newport bridge, newport creamery, newport international film festival, newport storm, ocean avenue, ocean views, open mike nights, ov's, panini grill, peabody beach, perroti park, plaid daddy, portsmouth, quohogs, raw bars, red tide, reversal of fortune, rhode island, rhode island accents, rose island, rosecliff, sachuest beach, sachuest point, sailing, salvation café, salve regina university, sandy point beach, scarborough beach, st. george's, st. mary's, starbar, starcase cinemas, sunny von bulow, surfing, sushi, ten mile drive, thames street, the america's cup, the army, the black pearl, the breakers, the cliff walk, the elms, the gilded age, the great gatsby, the irish, the kennedy's, the landing, the marble house, the mooring, the music box, the navy, the norman bird sanctuary, the ocean, the ocean state, the opera house, the pelham, the red parrot, the sea, the tavern, tito's tacos, tonomy hill, trinity church, trolleys, twin oaks, vanderbilts, water brothers, white horse tavern, windsurfing